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Henry Moore (1751-1844)

Henry Moore was born at Drumcondra near Dublin, the son of a farmer. Moore was apprenticed to a wood cutter and opened a school in Dublin after his conversion in 1777.

He entered the itinerancy in 1779 and served first in Ireland and then England. Moore was well-regarded by John Wesley and in 1789 he became one of the first preachers to be ordained for the work in England. He was also appointed one of Wesley's literary executors, and was the author with Thomas Coke of one of the first biographies to be published after Wesley's death.

Moore was a champion of conservative Wesleyanism in the early 19th century. He was twice President of Conference (1804 and 1823) and remained in the active ministry until 1833.

He is buried at City Road Chapel in London.

Source: Encyclopedia of World Methodism (1974) and Dictionary of Evangelical Biography 1739-1860, edited by Donald M. Lewis (1995)

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