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Miles Martindale (1756-1824)

Miles Martindale was probably from Liverpool and was certainly resident there at the time of his marriage in 1777.

He became a Methodist at the age of 21, largely through the influence of his wife and was converted shortly after. He laboured as a local preacher and was called into the itinerancy in 1789. He worked as a circuit minister until 1816 when he was appointed headmaster of Woodhouse Grove School near Bradford, Yorkshire, founded in 1812 for the sons of Methodist ministers.

Martindale had never been to school and taught himself to read and write. He carried on the process of self-education throughout his itinerancy, so that by the time of his appointment to Woodhouse Grove, he was conversant with four languages and had published a number of books. As headmaster, Martindale did much to put the school onto a firmer footing. He died on 6 August 1824.

Source: Minutes of Conference 1824 and F. C. Pritchard, The Story of Woodhiuse Grove (Bradford 1978), 40-47.

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