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Margaret Martindale (1755-1842)

Margaret Martindale was married to the Wesleyan preacher Miles Martindale in March 1777 at St Nicholas's Church in Liverpool. Her maiden name was King although nothing is known of her early life. She was converted in about 1780 and was instrumental in persuading her husband to attend Methodist preaching in Liverpool which led ultimately to his conversion.

Martindale was acquainted with John Wesley and was apparently well-liked by him. Her husband was appointed headmaster of Woodhouse Grove School in 1816 and for the eight years that followed until his death, she played an active supporting role in the running of the school.

Martindale was afflicted in later life with deafness and general infirmity. She died June 11th 1842 at Stoke Newington.

Source: Methodist Magazine 1842, 695 and information provided by John Lenton.

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