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Ann Loxdale (1755-1812)

Ann Loxdale was the second daughter of Thomas Loxdale of Shrewsbury.

Raised as an Anglican, she was converted in 1781 largely through the ministry of Revd. Richard De Courcy, the Vicar of St Alkmund in Shrewsbury. Soon after her conversion she met John Wesley and they commenced a correspondence towards the end of March 1781.

Towards the end of the 1790s she moved to Liverpool to live with her sister Sarah who was married to Thomas Hill, Vicar of Crosby.

Loxdale became a prominent member of the Liverpool society and letters in the Fletcher-Tooth collection indicate that she was exhorting and may have been preaching.

In December 1811 she was married to the prominent Methodist minister Dr Thomas Coke, despite the opposition of members of her family who feared that her delicate health was not suited to life with the energetic Coke.

She died on 5th December 1812.

Source: John Vickers, Thomas Coke: Apostle of Methodism (London, Epworth Press, 1969), 338-340, Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society, Vol. XXIV, 107-113 and Fletcher-Tooth collection MARC)

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