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Henry Dawson Lowe (b.1807)

Henry Dawson Lowe entered the Wesleyan ministry in 1827 on the recommendation of the Burton circuit.

At the time he entered the itinerancy, Lowe was described as having 'a matrimonial engagement judiciously formed'.

Lowe had offered for foreign missions and after two years in a Welsh circuit, was appointed in 1830 to the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

Lowe returned from Mauritius in 1832 and thereafter exercised an active circuit ministry in England until 1862 when he was stationed in the Dursley circuit.

In that year he was brought before a minor district meeting specifically convened for the hearing of disciplinary cases. The meeting referred the matter to the 1862 Conference, which decided that Lowe, because of his 'pecuniary embarrassment', be removed from the circuit and superannuated for one year. Conference also ruled that his name be removed from the printed minutes.

In 1863 Conference again considered the matter. It was reported that Lowe had not removed himself as instructed from the Dursley circuit 'and that he had treated his wife cruelly and negelected his family'.

At a subsequent meeting attended by Lowe, it was decided as follows: with the exception of certain 'commercial and financial matters' there was no evidence that Lowe was immoral. However, Lowe had damaged his public reputation through debt and 'domestic dissensions' to the extent that he should no longer 'be publicly recognised as a Methodist minister but that his name be retained on the Journal only.'

Source: Hill's Arrangement 1862 and 1866 and manuscript Conference Journals for 1862 and 1863 and PLP 86.28.39 (MARC)

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