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Henry Longden (1754-1812)

Henry Longden was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

As a young man he was apprenticed to a razor maker and earned local fame as the champion prize fighter of the district.

He was a wild youth and ran away from home at the age of twenty to enlist in the army. His father brought him back and he completed his apprenticeship after which he entered his father's business, which he soon placed on a prosperous footing.

He married and was converted in 1776, after which he became a regular worshipper at Mulberry Street Chapel. He was made a class leader and within a few years began to preach.

Longden was a generous giver to good causes and after retiring from business devoted his life to evangelism and philanthropy.

Source: Revd. T. Alexander Seed, Norfolk Street Wesleyan Chapel, Sheffield (1907), 107-111.

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