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Mary Lomas (1771-1832)

Mary Lomas was the wife of the Wesleyan itinerant Robert Lomas (1769-1810). She was born in Manchester, the sister of the Wesleyan itinerant Jonathan Barber. Mary was converted in early life and was greatly influenced by reading the biography of John Fletcher. Her marriage to Lomas was at the suggestion of the itinerant John Pawson. She brought with her a dowry of £1,000.

After the death of her husband, she lived mainly in Bristol where she was a class leader. Afflicted for many years with asthma, she died during a severe attack on March 1st 1832.

In her obituary in the Methodist Magazine, her conduct during her travels with her husband was described as 'examplary&she was highly esteemed as a prudent and pious woman in every circuit where they were stationed' .

Her Christian name and maiden name are not recorded in the standard sources.

Source: Methodist Magazine 1832, 314 and information provided by John Lenton

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