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Margaret Lewin (c.1742-1766)

Margaret Lewin was a wealthy woman from the North-East of England.

She converted to Methodism and was introduced to John Wesley in Durham and again a few months later in Newcastle on May 2nd 1764.

Lewin, who was suffering from severe heart disease, moved to London in April 1765 and took up residence at the orphanage/community at Leytonstone run by Mary Bosanquet and Sarah Ryan.

Lewin died at Leytonstone on October 30th 1766. In her will she left £1000 to John Wesley and £2000 to Mary Bosanquet. The bequest proved quite controversial as Bosanquet was accused of exerting pressure on the dying Lewin to change her will in Bosanquet's favour.

Source: John Wesley's journal for 2 May 1764 and Samuel Rogal, A Biographical Dictionary of 18th century Methodism (Edwin Mellen Press 1997)

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