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Ann Jordan (1788-1852)

Ann Jordan was born in Birmingham. A pious child, she started attending Methodist class meetings at the age of thirteen and was converted within a few months despite much opposition from her family.

Jordan became a Sunday School teacher at the age of eighteen and a class leader two years later. 'Her time...was almost entirely occupied with devotional and benevolent exercises, meeting classes, attending prayer meetings and visiting the sick and poor...'.

Jordan had very close links with other notable Methodist women such as Mary Fletcher, Mary Tooth and Sarah Boyce. References in the Fletcher-Tooth correspondence indicate that she may also have preached.

Her home became a focal point for Methodist activities in Birmingham and she influenced several men who later became ministers and missionaries.

Jordan was bed-bound for two years before she died on October 5 1852.

Source: Methodist Magazine 1855, p.662 and Fletcher-Tooth collection (MARC)

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