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Dorothea Johnson (fl.1756-1795)

Dorothea Johnson was the daughter of a Dutchman Thomas Garrett, who had settled in Dublin.

After her father failed in business, she was married as a beautiful young woman of sixteen to one of her father's creditors, a man named King. The marriage was a disaster and she returned to her father's house.

Dorothea was converted by the preaching of George Whitefield and also became acquainted with John Wesley during his visit to Ireland in 1756. She became a class leader and an important member of the Dublin Methodist Society.

In 1784 she became one of the first subscribers to the Methodist Missionary Society. Later that year she married the preacher John Johnson and moved to Lisburn where she remained active in local Methodism.

During his visit to the town in 1785, John Wesley considered the society there to be one of the most lively he had seen for some time, largely owing to her influence.

Dorothea and her husband entertained Thomas Coke during his visit in 1795.

Source: C.H. Crookshank, History of Methodism in Ireland, Volumes 1-3, (1885-1888)

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