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James Hervey (1714-1758)

James Hervey was born in Hardingstone, Northamptonshire, the son of an Anglican minister.

He was educated at Northampton Grammar School and Lincoln College Oxford where he was a member of the Holy Club.

Hervey was ordained in 1737 and served several curacies until 1743 when he became his father's curate at the parish of Weston Favell.

He maintained his friendships from his Oxford years, particularly with George Whitefield and incorporated some aspects of Methodist practice in his ministry. After his father's death in 1752, Hervey succeeded him as Rector.

Hervey was a leading Anglican exponent of Calvinism and published several books of religious verse, meditations and reflections which were heavily influenced by Calvinist theology. He had a sharp disagreement with John Wesley over doctrinal matters and broke off their friendship in 1755. They were never reconciled.

Source: Encyclopedia of World Methodism (1974) and Dictionary of Evangelical Biography, edited by Donald Lewis (1995)

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