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Thomas Hanson (1734-1804)

Thomas Hanson was born at Horbury in Yorkshire. He was apprenticed to a clothier and began to attend Methodist preaching.

After moving to the village of Nethertong, Hanson was given a rudimentary education by two schoolmasters who taught him the basics of Latin and Greek.

He was converted by his brother Joseph after moving back to Horbury and he began to preach and exhort in the surrounding villages.

Hanson joined the itinerancy in 1760 and exercised an active circuit ministry until superannuation to Wakefield in 1785.

Hanson was a very effective preacher, responsible for many conversions.

Source: Dictionary of Evangelical Biography 1739-1860, edited by Donald M. Lewis (1995) and An Alphabetical Arrangement of Wesleyan Preachers...1739-1818, compiled by Kenneth Garlick

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