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John Gambold (1711-71)

John Gambold was born at Puncheston in Pembrokeshire, the son of an Anglican clergyman.

He was educated at Christ Church Oxford where he was a member of the Holy Club. In 1733 Gambold was ordained into the Anglican ministry and became vicar of the parish of Stanton Harcourt.

In 1742 he joined the Moravians and resigned his living.

After an unsuccessful spell as a teacher at Moravian schools in Essex and Wales, he became resident minister at the Fetter Lane congregation in London.

Gambold became the chief publicist of the Moravians in England, translating a number of books and working with James Hutton to defend the Church against attacks.

In November 1754 he was consecrated the first English Moravian Bishop. After his health failed in 1768 he moved to Haverfordwest where he died.

Source: Encyclopedia of World Methodism (1974) and Dictionary of Evangelical Biography, edited by Donald Lewis (1995)

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