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Mrs Dobinson (1725-1803)

Mrs Dobinson was one of the first Methodists in Derby. Originally resident in London, she is said to have come under religious influence after her marriage in 1753. The final stage in the conversion process was achieved after hearing a sermon by the evangelical minister William Romaine in 1758. She subsequently attended class meetings at the Foundery and became a close friend of Sarah Crosby.

In 1761 the Dobinsons accompanied Crosby when she moved to Derby, with the specific intention of introducing Methodism to the town. Dobinson served as a class leader and visitor to the sick and dying for the rest of her life.

She died on April 12 1803 after a long period of ill health. In keeping with her background, she was buried at the Anglican parish church and had a funeral sermon preached at the Methodist chapel.

Source: Methodist Magazine 1803, pp.557-566, and article entitled Early Methodism in Derby, from the magazine Christian Miscellany December 1870

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