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Jonathan Crowther (1794-1856)

Jonathan Crowther was the son of the Wesleyan minister Timothy Crowther and the nephew of two other ministers Jonathan senior and Robert. He was born at St Austell in Cornwall and was educated at Kingswood School. He was ordained at the age of twenty and served as the headmaster at Woodhouse Grove and Kingswood School from 1814 to 1816 and 1823 to 1825 respectively. Crowther subsequently served in several important circuits and proved to be a staunch supporter of Conference and the party of Jabez Bunting.

In 1837 he was appointed superintendent of the Methodist mission in India and served in Madras until 1842 when he returned to the home ministry. In 1849 Crowther was appointed Classics tutor of the Northern branch of the Theological Institution (Manchester Didsbury).

Crowther was a considerable scholar with a good knowledge of classical and modern languages, science and theology. He died in Leeds after a gradual decline in his general health.

Despite his loyalty to the Conference, Crowther appears also to have been a supporter of female preaching. During his time in the Birmingham circuit (1829-31) he allowed Sarah Boyce and Martha Gregson to preach in the city's chapels.

Source: Minutes of Conference 1856 and Hill's Arrangement 1847 and Fletcher-Tooth collection (MARC)

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