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John Clulow (d.1830)

John Clulow was the son of John and Elizabeth Clulow of Macclesfield, Cheshire. Clulow's father was a baker and his mother was one of the earliest converts to Methodism in the town. Both John and his brother William were trained as solicitors. William moved to London where he was employed by John Wesley in the drawing up of the Deed of Declaration of 1784 and Wesley's will in 1789. John remained in Macclesfield where he established a flourishing practice and served as town clerk from 1804 to 1830.

John was never fully committed to Methodism but was nevertheless sympathetic to the movement. Despite possessing a reputation as a drinker and a brawler, he allowed prayer and class meetings to be held in his house and helped with legal matters.

Source: Benjamin Smith, Methodism in Macclesfield ((1875), pp.42-43,219-220, 322-325 and Gail Malmgreen, Silk Town:Industry and Culture in Macclesfield 1750-1835 (1985), pp.110-111, 146, 166

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