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Benjamin Burgoyne Chapman (1886-1964)

Benjamin Burgoyne Chapman was born in Australia. He graduated at Sydney University taking a First Class Honours in Classics and went on to gain an M.A. in Social History in 1908. For a time he lectured at Wesley College in Melbourne before continuing his studies at Trinity College Cambridge from 1910 to 1912 and at Columbia University where he took a Fellowship in Education in 1913.

Chapman entered the Wesleyan ministry in 1913 and worked at the Central China Teaching College from 1913 to 1929. From China he went to Madras in India for one year and then returned to China for a two year spell at Nanking University. From 1932 to 1936 he taught at the Canadian Academy at Kobe in Japan before going back to China. The hard conditions of ministry in a war-torn country caused a break-down in Chapman's health which led to superannuation in 1940. Despite retirement Chapman continued to travel widely. He spent time in California, Western Australia and Israel where he and his wife lived in a kibbutz.

He died at Brisbane in Australia.

Source: Minutes of Conference 1965

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