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Henry Lascelles Carr (1840-1902)

Henry Lascelles Carr was born in Knottingley, Yorkshire, a son of the Wesleyan minister James Carr. He was educated at Kingswood School and trained as an accountant before candidating for the Wesleyan ministry at the age of twenty, at which time he was resident in Manchester. Carr spent a year at Richmond College before transferring to the St Aiden's [Anglican] training College in Birkenhead, Liverpool. Upon graduation, he decided to persue a career in journalism rather than the pulpit - he had already edited the Richmond College magazine.

Carr worked for some years for the Liverpool Daily Post before becoming a sub-editor of the Western Mail in Cardiff. He then became editor and part-proprietor until retirement due to ill health in 1901.

Carr served on the town council of Cardiff and as a Justice of the Peace. He also wrote a number of books.

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