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John Brown (1712-1794)

John Brown was born at Woodplumpton near Preston in Lancashire. He moved to London where he worked as a merchant's clerk and then as a woollen draper. Brown was converted by George Whitefield's preaching in 1737 and came into close contact with the Moravians. He accompanied John Wesley on his visit to Herrnhut in Germany in the summer of 1738.

In 1739 Brown was preaching in association with Benjamin Ingham in Yorkshire, although the two men quarrelled towards the end of the year. He was a founder member in May 1742 of the Yorkshire Moravian congregation and for a few years divided his time between the centres of Moravian work in London, Bedford, Derbyshire and Yorkshire. Brown broke his connection with the Moravians in the later 1740s, although he joined with them again from about 1750, at which time he moved to Northern Ireland.

Brown served the Moravian cause in Northern Ireland for the rest of his life, although he did live in Herrnhut between 1756 and 1758 and was ordained there as a deacon.

Source: Dictionary of Evangelical Biography, edited by Donald Lewis (1995)

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