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Thomas Brisco (c.1731-97)

Thomas Brisco was born at Upton near Chester. Little is known of his life before he entered the itinerancy in 1751. His early ministry was spent around Manchester and Bristol. He was stationed in Ireland in 1758 and again in the early 1760s.

Brisco rarely stayed more than one year in a circuit although he did on several occasions hold senior positions as 'Assistant'. In 1783 he was appointed to the Legal Hundred and he was a beneficiary of Wesley's will.

He superannuated to Chester in 1786.

Brisco's wife was high in Wesley's estimation. He referred to her as a good band and class leader and was particularly impressed by her talent for working with children. She was a friend of Sarah Crosby. Neither her Christian name nor her maiden name are known.

Source: Dictionary of Evangelical Biography 1739-1860, edited by Donald M. Lewis (1995) and Fletcher-Tooth collection (MARC)

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