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Peter Bohler (1712-1775)

Peter Bohler was born in Frankfurt, Germany. He studied theology at the University of Jena and was converted under the influence of August Spangenberg. In 1735 Bohler moved to the Moravian community of Herrnhut and became tutor to the son of Count Zinzendorf. He was ordained into the Moravian ministry in December 1737.

Bohler was appointed to take charge of the Moravian presence in Savannah, Georgia. He travelled to England where he made contact with the Wesley brothers and was influential in their conversions. Bohler also helped to found the Fetter Lane Society in London.

Bohler continued his journey to Georgia and helped to found the Bethlehem settlement. He returned to England in 1741 and preached for a time in Yorkshire where the Moravians were putting down strong roots.  In 1742 Bohler went with a party of German emigrants to Pennsylvania and then Bethlehem. In November 1744 he handed over charge of the Moravian mission in North America to Spangenberg and returned to Germany where he was consecrated a bishop in 1748.

In 1753 Bohler went again to North America to take charge of the Moravian venture there. For eleven years he divided his time between America and Europe. After the death of Zinzendorf Bohler came back to Europe for good and died in London from the effects of a stroke in 1775.

Source: Lewis, Dictionary of Evangelical Biography

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