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Benjamin Biggs (b.1709)

Benjamin Biggs was born in Winslow, Buckinghamshire. He worked as the butler to the baronet Sir James Lowther and in 1755 was left money in Lowther's will. The Methodist historian William Myles states that Biggs became a travelling preacher in 1754 and he was certainly travelling with the preacher John Murlin between 1757 and 1759. He was also a friend of the perfectionist George Bell and hosted meetings of Bell's followers at his London home in 1763.

Source: A Biographical Dictionary of 18th century Methodism by Samuel Rogal (Edwin Mellen Press 1997), Arminian Magazine 1780, 493-496, A List of Methodist Preachers (Bristol 1801) by William Myles and information provided by John Lenton.

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