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Sarah Benson (1758-1810)

Sarah Benson was the youngest daughter of Thomas Thompson, a corn-factor of Knottingley in Yorkshire. Her father died when she was a child and Sarah moved to Leeds with her mother, two sisters and a brother. Sarah began to experience religious feelings from about the age of seven. As a teenager, she was occasionally taken by her mother to the Methodist chapel in Leeds and she was converted there at the age of sixteen.  Sarah joined the class led by Mrs Down and the band led by Mrs Clapham.

Sarah married the prominent Wesleyan itinerant Joseph Benson in 1780 and she thereafter shared his circuit ministry. Sarah suffered from poor health and she found her frequent pregnancies to be a particular trial — between 1781 and 1799, she had eight children who survived their infancy and three that did not.

Sarah died in London on January 3rd 1810 and was buried at City Road Chapel.

Source: Arminian Magazine 1810, 453-461 and 492-498

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