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John Averill (b.1807)

John Averill was recommended for the itinerancy to the 1827 Conference by the Derby circuit having served as a local preacher for two years.

In 1835 while stationed in the Camelford circuit, Averill was expelled by the Conference. He had been charged with not only refusing to 'assist his superintendent in the maintenance of needful discipline, but has formed a serious division in the Camelford circuit — published a plan of preaching in direct opposition to his superintendent, called out assistance, and constituted himself superintendent of the seceding parties, and avowedly associated himself with those who are at this time striving to subvert the essential principles of our system.'

The Averill case was connected with the controversy arising from the opposition of Samuel Warren and other reformers to the autocratic tendencies of the leaders of Wesleyan Methodism. Averill subsequently joined the ministry of the break-away Wesleyan Methodist Association. He was stationed at Manchester Lever Street in 1837 but withdrew from the Association in 1839 and thereafter disappears from the Methodist historical record.

Source: Manuscript Journal of the Wesleyan Conference 1835 (MARC), List of Wesleyan Preachers on Trial 1803-1831 (MARC), Hill's Arrangement 1833, Oliver Beckerlegge, United Methodist Ministers and their Circuits 1797-1932 (1968)

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