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Peter Apee (fl.1736)

Peter Apee was a Dutchman from Rotterdam who met the Wesleys in Georgia. He made a very good first impression to the extent that Charles put forward his name to the Georgia trustees as a possible successor to his own appointment as secretary to James Oglethorpe. However, Apee showed a completely different side of his personality when he accompanied Charles Wesley on the voyage from America back to England late in 1736. He accused the brothers of hypocrisy and self-seeking and borrowed money from Charles that was never returned. Apee was arrested when he reached London and later fled to France after stealing a watch. Charles encountered him for the last time in 1744 when he came across him in prison awaiting transportation.

Source: A Biographical Dictionary of 18th Century Methodism by Samuel Rogal (Lewston, New York 1991)

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