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Charles Wilfred Allan (1870-1958)

Charles Wilfred Allan was born in York. He trained for the Wesleyan ministry at Headingley and was appointed to serve in Central China in 1895.

During World War 1, Allan returned to Europe and worked among Chinese labourers in France. From 1922 he taught at the Union Theological College at Changsha and later Wuchang and in 1930 he was invited to work for the Christian Literature Society in Shanghai. Allan was interned by the Japanese during World War 2 and was repatriated to Britain in 1945. He hoped to return to China but reluctantly accepted superannuation in 1946.

Allan was an outstanding linguist and in 1913 was invited to share in the work of preparing the Union Version of the Bible. He was also the editor of several Chinese periodicals and published many books including a Chinese commentary on Isaiah.

Source: Minutes of Conference 1958 and Methodist Recorder May 22 1958, p.5

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