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Reformation Collection

600 items (dispersed).

The Library holds a fine collection of sixteenth-century tracts and other publications associated with Martin Luther, Desiderius Erasmus, Ulrich von Hutten, Philipp Melanchthon and Huldrych Zwingli.

The collection includes a copy of Luther’s Disputatio or Ninety-five Theses printed at Wittenberg in 1517.

A fairly recent acquisition is an edition of Les Faitz de Jesus Christ et du Pape, a text once attributed to Luther, printed in Lyon c.1560, with woodcuts by Lucas Cranach the Elder. 

Erasmian texts include a copy of his Encomium Moriae, printed at Basel by Johannes Froben in 1515, an Aldine edition from the same year, and a copy of the first English edition of The Praise of Folly, translated by Thomas Chaloner in 1549.

Early works of Zwingli include his well-known attack upon the Catholic mass, De Canone Missae Huldrychi Zvinglii Epichiresis (Zurich, 1523).

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