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Minor Sixteenth-Century Italian Writers Collection

1,000 items (dispersed).

There are available forty editions, dating from 1549 to 1804, of the poet Benedetto Varchi (1503–65), together with significant collections for other poets including:

  • Giovanni Della Casa (sixteen editions published between 1538 and 1616)
  • Antonio Fregoso, called Fileremo (seven items dating from the sixteenth century)
  • Giovanni Battista Giraldi (thirty-eight sixteenth-century editions)
  • Giovanni Rucellai (eleven items published between 1539 and 1786)

Dramatists are represented by:

  • Angelo Beolco, known as ‘Il Ruzzante’ (with eleven editions dating from 1521 to 1591)
  • Leonardo Salviati (twenty-seven editions published between 1564 and 1810)
  • Sperone Speroni (twenty-four items dating from 1542 to 1740)

Examples of prose writers include:

  • the eminent jurist, Mantova Benavides (with twelve editions)
  • the Florentine politician Matteo Palmieri (with six items)
  • the diplomat and humanist Gian Giorgio Trissino (with twenty-nine editions published between 1524 and 1746)

Of Alessandro Piccolomini’s astronomical writings there are twenty-six editions and variants issued between 1516 and 1611, including a 1579 edition of his famous De le Stelle Fisse, the first book to contain printed star charts.

See also the Bullock collection.

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