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Manchester Medical Society Manuscripts

Date range: 18th–19th centuries.

The Manchester Medical Society was founded, in part, to supply local medical men with a library. From its foundation in 1834 to 1845 the library was housed in Faulkner Street, close to Manchester Infirmary, and in 1845 it moved to the Royal Manchester Institution. In 1873 the library was transferred to Owens College after it had incorporated the local medical school.

The collection contains surgeons’ and physicians’ notebooks,  materia medica,  pharmacopoeia, lecture notes and treatises on surgery, anatomy, physiology, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology.

The majority of texts are in English, but some are in Latin and German, and there are English translations of Continental treatises.

Authors include:

  • Alexander Monro II (1733–1817)
  • the great Dutch physician Hermann Boerhaave (1668–1738)
  • William Cullen (1710–90)
  • Sir Astley Paton Cooper (1768–1841)
  • John Hunter (1728–93)
  • Thomas Young

In addition there is a nineteenth-century receipt book for Manchester Medical Society.

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