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Chadwyck-Healey Literature Collections


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About Chadwyck-Healey Literature Collections

The name Chadwyck-Healey has been synonymous with innovation in electronic publishing since the release of the English Poetry Full-Text Database in 1992. Today, Chadwyck-Healey is the specialist humanities publishing imprint of ProQuest, and continues to be associated with a growing portfolio of electronic publications known and used the world over.

Chadwyck-Healey literature collections offer users the potential to transform the scholarly discussion of literature and language past and present. Making the works of canonical writers, as well as their lesser-known contemporaries, accessible and available to sophisticated analysis in electronic form allows all users of Chadwyck-Healey collections - from specialist researchers to undergraduate students - to make new connections and serendipitous discoveries, thereby creating fresh avenues for critical debate, scholarly dialogue and linguistic research in the humanities.

Access to Chadwyck-Healey Literature Collections

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