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Ancient book remains from Book of the Dead

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Cost: Free
Duration: 2 hours
Suitable for: Years 3-6

View Ancient Egyptian papyri scrolls including a Book of the Dead, learn about the language and writing systems of Ancient Egypt and have a go at writing your name on a piece of papyrus to take home or to school.

There will also be the chance to view some of our other collections on display during a short building tour, which is included in the workshop.

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Teacher Info Sheet 02-2016.pdf

[Student writing a story]

Gothic Creative Writing

Cost: Free
Duration: 2 hours
Suitable for: Years 5-6

Looking to introduce your late KS2 students to creative writing?  Do you want to take them to an inspiring location?

Come along to The John Rylands Library where students will explore the building, collect ideas and use techniques to build the beginnings of a story.  Stories can be taken back home or to school for further development.

This workshop aims to motivate young writers, encouraging them to draw both on their own interests and the structure provided to write creatively.

Gothic Creative Writing Y5 Y6 Teacher Info Sheet.pdf


Stone, Glass, Wood

Cost: Free
Duration: 2 hours
Suitable for: Years 3 and 4

Join us for a poetic exploration of the Library’s amazing Victorian Gothic building.

We’ll take your class on a library tour and invite them to practise the art of noticing colours, shapes, smells and sounds before using their observations in a poetry writing session.

Stone Glass Wood Teacher info sheet.pdf

Mapping Manchester

Mapping Manchester

Cost: Free
Duration: 2 hours
Suitable for: Years 4-6

Become a map detective and investigate the history and geography of the city with historical maps.

Choose from three options:

  • In Journey Through Time we investigate Manchester’s growth from small town in 1650 to a major city blitzed during World War Two.
  • In Victorian Manchester we use maps to explore aspects of life such as infectious diseases, shopping, transport and temperance.
  • World War Two focuses on the targeting, bombing and plans for reconstruction of the city.

Mapping Manchester - Teacher Info Sheet.pdf

[books on shelves]

Collection Protection

Cost: Free
Duration: 2 Hours
Suitable for: Years 5-8

The Library’s historic books are under attack!

How do our conservators use science to protect our books from light, humidity, temperature and pests?

In this workshop pupils will get hands on experience of science in a real world context by using monitoring equipment to investigate environmental conditions in the Library.

Further Information - Collection Protection 02-2016.pdf

[preparing the pages for a new book]


Cost: Free
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes
Suitable for: Years 4-6

This workshop is now fully booked for the rest of the 2016/17 school year.

What is a book and how are they made?

Explore how binders throughout the ages have put together books, learn more about the materials they are made from and then create your own book using traditional techniques.

Please contact us for further information on availability and booking.

Bookmaking Teacher Info Sheet.pdf

[exploring the passages]

Library tour

Cost: Free
Duration: Between 30 minutes and 1 hour
Suitable for: Years 3-6

Tour the Library with a member of the education team and learn more about its fascinating history.

Combine the tour with any of our workshops below or as a stand alone activity.