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Printing, photocopying and scanning

Print, copy and scan in the Library

You can print, copy and scan to email using the Multi Functional Devices (MFDs), available at all Library sites and at PC clusters around campus. 

Microfilm and -fiche reader-printers are also available, including a digital scanner and PC on Green Ground in the Main Library.

To use a Microfilm or -fiche printer, ask at the Lending Support desk on Blue Ground floor in the Main Library. 

Non members and those on the Widening Participation scheme will have limited access to these facilities. Please speak to a member of staff at the customer services desks who will give you further information. Scanning to email may not always be possible.

What do you need?

To use the MFDs you need:

Where can you print from?

You can print from a PC cluster and wirelessly from your own laptop, using University WiFi.

How do you add credit to your account?

You can add credit to your print account using the online ePayments system or using cash at payment kiosks in selected PC clusters.

If you are entitled to copying credit from your school or faculty, the Print Credit request form should be completed in full, including the appropriate finance code to charge the costs to, and then sent to Ruth Ellis, Finance officer in IT services. The funds will then be allocated to your online account. Please be aware, this process can take up to 48 hours.

How much does it cost?

Scanning to your University email account is free of charge.

Copying and printing are charged by the number of printed sheets:

Mono (Black and White)
Paper TypePer CopyPer 10 Sheets
A4 Single-sided 5p 50p
A4 Double-sided 8p 80p
A3 Single-sided 10p £1
A3 Double-sided 16p £1.60


Paper TypePer CopyPer 10 Sheets
A4 Single-sided 21p £2.10
A4 Double-sided 40p £4.00
A3 Single-sided 42p £4.20
A3 Double-sided 80p £8.00

Where can you get help?

For general help using the MFDs, please ask a member of Library staff.

An in-depth guide on printing, copying and scanning is available as a PDF: