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Soft binding

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High Quality Soft-binding (not channel binding) with a glued spine and polyester (acetate) cover is available for:

If the first presentation of your research thesis is successful, the original A4 paper can be re-used for your final presentation binding, saving you the cost of re-printing.

The soft binding option with polyester (acetate) cover cannot be more than 300 pages per volume (approx. - estimation based on standard paper) . If your Thesis has more than 300 pages it will have to be split into 2 volumes. This means you will have to arrange your Thesis into 2 separate volumes complete with coversheets for each volume.

We can bind more than 300 pages as a single volume in card covers but this takes 24 hours.

We offer an unlettered soft binding service while you wait (subject to staff availability) at a cost of £4.00

We also offer a comb binding service for projects and dissertations up to 150 pages priced at £2.50 per copy - this is done while you wait on weekdays only.

Please note that advance payment is required for all binding.

Next working day service (lettered Soft Binding)

Copies handed in before 2pm should be ready for collection by 2pm the next working day.

Price: £9 per volume

Two Hour or Overnight Service (lettered Soft Binding)

We offer a Two Hour express service - copies handed to the Thesis Binding Point between 9am and 3pm on a working day should be ready for collection two to three hours later, depending on the time of submission. Copies handed in after 3pm can be ready for collection at 10am the next working day. No booking is necessary however busy we are.

Price: £12 per volume

Our past experience indicates that during busy submission times, for example in August and September, collection times may need to be put back as a result of overwhelming demand.  However, every effort will be made to satisfy customers' requirements as soon as possible.

Notes on prices and additional options

Hard binding prices are based on a minimum of 60 pages per volume to a maximum of 600 pages (based on 80 gsm paper).

We recommend that our customers use a good quality paper on which to print their thesis. A paper which does not curl excessively can help to achieve an improved binding outcome and appearance.

Black is the preferred colour for hard bound theses submitted to The University of Manchester. However, covers are available in other colours at an additional cost of £3.00 per volume. Please ask at the Thesis Binding Point as we have a sample book which we can show you.

Additional lettering on the front cover of hard bound theses can either be done in 18 point or 24 point font, and is charged at £2.50 per line (based on 30-40 characters + spaces per line).

C-D, disk or pamphlet pockets can be attached for £2.50 each.

Anything other than A4 printed material (such as photographs or audio-visual material) may be bound.

Please note that we are unable to sew your thesis.

You can discuss your requirements with Library staff at the Thesis Binding Point.

Do tell us if your thesis contains folded A3 sheets or any other types of non-standard material.