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The University of Manchester Library

Using the reading room in the Main Library

Several of our archive collections are based at the Main Library on the University campus. These include:


Printed books

If you would like to consult material from these collections, please contact the Special Collections Reader Service on 0161 275 3764 or email uml.special-collections@manchester.ac.uk, who will direct your enquiry to the appropriate member of the Library's collection staff. See also the information on retrieving Special Collections printed books from the Main Library store.

The Special Collections Reading Room at the Main Library is located in the University Archive and Record Centre on Blue 4. The reading room has spaces for eight readers and facilities for using laptop computers. It is accessible to wheelchair users.

Normal reading room opening hours are Monday-Friday, 9.30-12.30, 13.30-16.30 hrs. More restricted opening hours apply to the Christian Brethren Archive.

An appointment must be made in advance of your visit to ensure that books and archive materials are available when you arrive.

Registration requirements are the same as for Special Collections at Deansgate.

Reading Room regulations are the same as for Deansgate.

Reading Room regulations are the same as for Deansgate: see the page.

Finding us

The University Archive and Record Centre is located on Blue 4 level of the Main Library. For directions to the University, see the Maps and travel page. The Main Library is building no. 55 on the University's Campus Map.

Contact details

Archive collections (other than Christian Brethren archive)

Dr James Peters, e mail: james.peters@manchester.ac.uk, tel: 0161 275 5306

Christian Brethren archive

Dr Graham Johnson, e mail graham.johnson@manchester.ac.uk, tel: 0161 275 8723