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Using the Special Collections

[A reader in the Elsevier Reading Room]

The Special Collections of the University of Manchester Library offer rich research resources in many different subject areas. Most collections are held at the The John Rylands Library on Deansgate. Several collections are held at the Main Library on the Oxford Road campus. Details about the location of collections can be found in Guide to Special Collections.

We offer a closed-access reader service which means that the books and manuscripts will be retrieved for you and must be consulted in the Library. Books and manuscripts from Special Collections cannot be borrowed.

Many items in the collections can be viewed on-line through our Image Collection. Many printed books are available in electronic format. Information can be obtained through the Library catalogue.

Staff and students of the University of Manchester are automatically registered as general readers. A letter of reference will be needed for those wishing to consult rare or valuable material. Library membership is also open to all over the age of 18.