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Reserving books

Can I request a book?

You can request items that are out on loan using Library Search

An e-mail notification will be sent when the book you have requested is ready for collection and the book will be held for 3 working days. 

Some sites operate a self-service request collection service. Please refer to the email notification for further details. 

You may also sign up for notification via SMS Texting.

What do I do if a book I have is recalled?

All books are subject to recall at any time, including vacations, if requested by another reader.

If a standard loan  is recalled you will be notified by email and have seven days in which to return the item unless the due date is already within 7 days. The new date on the email replaces all previously issued due dates.

An overdue recalled loan will incur fines and temporarily block your Library account. See: Why is my account blocked?

During vacations you need to check your University e-mail account regularly and ensure that your books are always available even if you go away for any reason.

Recalled loans can be posted back to us and recorded delivery is advisable.

For address details see: How do I contact the Library?