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Borrowing books

How do I borrow a book?

Self-service machines are located on Blue Ground floor and within the High Demand collection at the Main Library.

There are also machines at Joule, Precinct and Stopford site libraries.

You will need your Library card and PIN.

Instructions for using the self-issue machines are displayed on the touch screens but please do ask a member of Library staff for help if you need it.

Please retain your receipt and check that all details are correct before leaving the Library.

You will be unable to use the self-service machines if:


Requesting books

If all the copies of the book you require are out on loan, you can request the item at any point during the semester using Library Search.

How many books can I borrow?

Staff and students at The University of Manchester, and other users with borrowing entitlements, can borrow: 

Borrower loan quotas
CategoryLoan quotaStandard
University of Manchester Staff Up to 50 books Yes - for up to 1 year
University of Manchester Research Postgraduate Up to 40 books Yes - for up to 1 semester
University of Manchester Taught-course Postgraduate Up to 25 books Yes - for up to 1 semester
University of Manchester Undergraduate Up to 25 books Yes - for up to 1 semester

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