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Acquiring Library resources

The Library acquires over 38,000 new items each year and these are ordered, catalogued and processed by the Collection Management division of the Library. We aim to deliver newly purchased material to the shelves using the most cost-effective and efficient means. The following questions are intended to give responses to general queries but if you have any specific questions please contact us at uml.acquisitions@manchester.ac.uk

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I am a member of academic staff - how do I submit a request for material to be purchased?

For books, e-books and any other non-subscribed material please select ‘Library purchase request’ on My Manchester to submit your request

Unfortunately the purchase request form on the portal does not currently support requests for material in non-Roman script: to request the purchase of non-Roman script material please contact paul.tate@manchester.ac.uk (Middle Eastern Studies) or  ruili.zhang@manchester.ac.uk (East Asian Studies).

If you wish to recommend that the Library take out a subscription to a new printed journal or electronic journal or database, please submit a request to your Academic Engagement Librarian who will be in touch to discuss your particular needs in detail.

The acquisition of a new title represents a continuing commitment for the Library and your request will have to be assessed in the light of the Library's financial position and the current overall demand for new titles in addition to the journal's importance for teaching and research.

How can I recommend material for purchase if I am not a member of academic staff?

Please submit a request to the Teaching and Learning team at: uml.recommended-reading@manchester.ac.uk

How long does it take for a new book to arrive?

How do I ask for material to be treated as a priority?

On the ‘New purchase’ request form described above, there is a tick box for priority requests.

How can I ask to be the first to use a book?

All books which have been ordered display on the Library catalogue and can be reserved using the online request forms which appear on each ordered item.

Members of academic staff can also use the relevant tick box on the ‘New purchase’ request form on the My Manchester portal, should they wish to be the first to use an item that they are requesting. 

How long does it take for a new electronic resource to be available?

How long does it take for a new printed journal to be available?

Once funding has been agreed all orders are processed within 7 days. Journal parts are normally catalogued and processed within four days of being received.

I would like to recommend items for Special Collections

Please contact the Special Collections staff at jrul.special-collections@manchester.ac.uk

How do I get a chapter of a book (or a journal article) digitised so that I can incorporate it into my Blackboard module?

Online request forms can be found on My Manchester.

All requests are checked for copyright compliance. You will receive a URL link to the PDF, which you can insert into your reading list section of your VLE modules.

The book or article that I need is not held in the Library. What can I do?