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[English Manuscript 288 Legal Commonplace book, the text is in French]

English MS 288

Legal Commonplace Book, end of 15th/beginning of 16th century

Size: 222 x 150 mm. 189 folios.

The volume contains several legal manuscripts in Latin, French and English, written in different hands, including: a formulary of proceedings at a manorial court (ff. 1-23); the first, second and part of the third books of Littleton's tenures in French (ff. 25-57v); and the Natura brevium, which sets forth writs with commentary on their application and properties (ff. 70-155v), similar to the edition published by Robert Redman in 1529. On folio 1 is the date Anno Domini 1479.

Early owners include a John Wolff, end of 15th century, and a John Willoughby, second half of the 16th century.

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