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Service standards

Every year we conduct a full review of our services to ensure we are satisfying customer needs and expectations. We are pleased to report in 2014 we not only met all of our standards but exceeded them in the following areas.

High Demand Missing Books

We promised to contact the customer within five days to offer a free inter library loan if we were unable to locate an item but we have now reduced this to three days.

Availability of New Stock

We wanted to obtain 70% of available English monographs in 21 days from ordering to receipt by the Library but actually achieved this standard for 75% of items.

We were also able to introduce the following new standards:-


We aim to ensure that each section of the Library is checked and tidied at least one academic year.

Disability Team

The Library Disability Team will be available from 10am-4pm Monday-Friday

  • We will put a Personal Learning Support Plan into place within four working days of receiving the plan from the University Disability Support Office.
  • We will deliver an induction to the Library, if required, within five working days of contacting a student registered with the Disability Support Office.

From the next academic year we will be collecting data for agreed standards with all RLUK Libraries, and will be amending our current standards in August 2014.

The review is available to download:

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