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The University of Manchester Library

Undergraduate and postgraduate students

The Library provides access to key resources for your learning, including books and the latest journal articles in your subject.

The reading lists in Blackboard courses will give you access to Library resources directly relevant to your studies.

Your subject guide includes information about the key resources for your area of study.

If you need a book or journal article that is not in the Library, the Document Supply and Inter-Library Loans service can help you.

We have a wide variety of study spaces to suit your needs, including silent study areas, group study rooms and flexible study areas with movable furniture.

My Learning Essentials is our comprehensive programme of online resources, workshops and skills clinics designed to help you to develop your information literacy, academic and employability skills. It gives you access to workshops and online resources on a wide range of areas such as writing skills, finding information and organising your work.

Out of Hours Service Desk

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Telephone (day or night)
  0161 275 3751
IT Service Desk:
  0161 306 5544

For electronic resources enquiries see Search resources

Out of hours, the Service Desk is operated by Northumbria University. Details supplied during the course of managing your request will be stored and reported back to The University of Manchester who will offer further assistance, if required.