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Request digitised material for reading lists

The Library offers a service to digitise resources included in reading lists. Book chapters and journal articles for example can be scanned and the digitised copy then linked to course VLE modules. You should allow 10 working days from request to delivery.

Online request forms are accessible from My Manchester. Go to the Library tab then look for 'Library Requests', select the 'Digitisation' tab and 'Start New Request'.


All requests are checked for copyright compliance. You will receive a URL link to the PDF, which you can insert into your reading list section of your VLE modules.

Guidance on what can be copied under the terms of CLA Higher Education Scanning Licence

Before you send your requests in, you should read the CLA's guidance on what constitutes good practice in compiling digitised items for a coursepack - http://www.cla.co.uk/data/pdfs/he/he_good_practice_guide.pdf

Learn more about digitisation activities and services.

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