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The University of Manchester Library has acquired a set of Sony e-readers in order to investigate their practical uses in an academic library environment.

If you are interested in using the e-readers in your teaching, please contact the E-Learning Support Team at;



Sony PRS-505

The first set of e-readers the Library acquired are Sony PRS-505s. This is an early model which allows you to load and read content in a variety of formats, including pdfs. The display uses an E-Ink paper like screen with no backlight or flicker, which potentially allows you to read for hours - even in direct sunlight and at virtually any angle. Other functions are the ability to bookmark pages and automatically find the page you were last reading. There is also the option to upload and listen to audio files, and to load and view images.

Sony PRS-600

The Library has since purchased a further set of e-readers, the Sony PRS-600. This is a touch screen edition which, along with all the functionality of the basic model, allows you to turn pages with the slide of a finger, create annotations on the virtual keyboard and highlight text with the stylus pen. You can search for books or words using the virtual keyboard or double-tap a word on-screen and find its meaning in the built-in dictionary.


For a more detailed report on these projects please follow the link below...