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Provision of digital copies under the C.L.A. Higher Education Scanning Licence

The University of Manchester holds a Copyright Licencing Agency (CLA) Higher Education Scanning Licence.

This sets out the conditions under which we may make digital copies of copyright material published in the UK for inclusion in course intranets or other electronic teaching packages (e.g. Blackboard).

Full details of the licence are available in the CLA HE Support Materials.

The following documents are available:

What can be digitised under the CLA Higher Education Licence?

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What cannot be digitised under the CLA Higher Education Licence?

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How much can be scanned?

Under the terms of the licence only one chapter per book or one article per journal issue (or 5%, whichever is greater) can be digitised or copied in support of any one course module. Only in certain circumstances can more than one chapter be digitised or copied from a book, and more than one article be digitised or copied from a journal issue: if the different chapters/articles are being digitised in support of different course modules.

How do I request an item to be digitised?

All digitisation requests can now be made via the Library portlet. To submit a request please log on to My Manchester using the link below, go to 'Library', 'Library Requests', select the 'Digitisation' tab and 'Start New Request'...

My Manchester

On receiving a request for digitised material to be supplied to students, the Library will:

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What information will I need to make a request?

All requests for digitisation must include the following:

Under the terms of the licence agreement we must provide the above information to the CLA. The University is required to keep records of all material digitised under the Licence and to submit them annually to the CLA.

If the requester does not want the Library to carry out the scanning we will still need to:

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How long will it take?

The Library will make digital copies available as soon as possible after receipt of requests but please make initial enquiries as early as possible. Firm requests should be submitted at least 4 weeks before the item is required but the process could take longer if the item to be scanned is not available in the Library stock.

Can I scan material myself to add to the VLE?

If you do not want the Library to carry out the scanning, or if you have already scanned items yourself, we will still need to collect and submit the required information about the digitised material to the CLA. We would therefore please ask you to complete a digitisation request via My Manchester, ticking the option that you do not need the library to digitise this item for you.

My Manchester

It is also a requirement of the Licence that all digitised items must include a cover sheet which indicates that the item has been scanned in accordance with the Licence.

If you are digitising the item yourself please ensure that you include the appropriate copyright notice at the start of the digitised item. The copyright notice is provided when completing your request.

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How will I be provided with my digitised item when it is ready?

When your digitised item is ready you will receive an e-mail containing a URL to the scanned document, which will be held on a secure Library server.

Please note that access to material digitised under the licence must be restricted to the students taking the module concerned and the staff who teach them. Items may only be made available for the duration of the module concerned.

Whom should I contact with any further questions?

For further information on any aspects of the digitisation process please contact :

Martin Snelling
Resource Delivery Manager
Tel. 64955

or the Digitisation Team at:




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