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Library awarded Customer Service Excellence certification

The Library has been awarded certification against the Customer Service Excellence Standard (CSE), a challenging government standard that is increasingly seen as a measure of a high quality service. 

Achieving the standard is particularly significant as it also marks the culmination of work to achieve the goals set out in New Directions, the Library Strategy for 2009 – 2012.

Areas of strength highlighted by the assessment were

  • embedded corporate commitment
  • Customer Charter
  • awareness of the needs of different customer groups and the variety of channels that they use to access the library
  • level of consultation with students
  • partnerships with other areas of The University of Manchester
  • service innovations suggested by our customer facing staff
  • detailed and timely service standards, (compliance plus was awarded)

Jan Wilkinson, University Librarian said, "It is pleasing that areas for development highlighted by the assessment are those we had already recognised for ourselves, and are highly consistent with the direction now being articulated through our new strategy which will be launched later this year. It is especially pleasing to have the hard work of Library staff endorsed".

The CSE assessor commented, "The University of Manchester Library has undoubtedly created a culture of openness, trust and empowerment which facilitates a customer focused approach. Staff morale and job satisfaction appear to be excellent and help people to buy into the customer first ethos."

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Updated: Tue, Sep 18, 2012