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New Pull Printing system at the Library

Multi Function Devices (MFDs) have been installed at PC clusters throughout the University, including library PC clusters. MFDs provide printing, scanning and photocopying facilities.

On Wednesday, 5 September, pull printing will be available from the PC clusters. By default all printing from a cluster PC will be sent to the new pull print system.

However, your documents will not be printed automatically, instead you will be able to go to any MFD on campus and then print and collect your printed document at your convenience up to two days later.

To use the pull print system:

  1. Click print in the application you want to print from
  2. Swipe your University ID card on any printer with a card reader
  3. Press the pull print button
  4. Select the job from your print job list.

Benefits of the new system:

  • Less queuing.
  • Less accidental prints.
  • Improved colour charging.
  • Mono printing on colour devices.
  • Clearer print queue names.
  • Photocopying available on all pull printers from Thursday, 6 September.
  • Scan to email available on all pull printers from Thursday, 6 September.
  • 2 day retention. Collect your printouts up to 2 days after you clicked print.

The kiosks and epayment system will be temporarily unavailable until Thursday, 6 September when photocopying and scanning from the MFDs will also be enabled.

The Library photocopiers will continue to use photocopying cards.

Find out more about the pull printing service.

Further information about Library photocopiers and photocopying cards.

Updated: Wed, Sep 5, 2012