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Winning name for our dragon

Max Rose and Grumbold

Max Rose meets Grumbold

The newest addition to The John Rylands Library dragon family was given his name last week when Max Rose won our competition to name the dragon with his suggestion of Grumbold.

Max, aged 4, thought Grumbold was a good name because 'a Library dragon needs a clever name'.

We were delighted that Melanie Allen, the artist, could join us for the event last week and she presented Max with the prize of an original drawing of Grumbold. For this drawing Grumbold was shown lighting an Olympic torch, to celebrate being given his name and also to commemorate the year.

Over 200 fantastic entries were received for the naming competition and the winner was selected by a panel of children and adults.

Grumbold is looking forward to making lots of new friends at our forthcoming events!

Updated: Tue, Oct 2, 2012