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St Bartholomew's Day 1662 Exhibition

Charles I in prison reading

Charles I in prison reading the Book of Common Prayer

Thursday, 16 February to Sunday, 1 July

This exhibition commemorates the 350th anniversary of the events of St Bartholomew's Day 1662 - a turning point in the history of religion in England which saw approximately 2000 ministers, including the grandfathers of John and Charles Wesley, expelled from the Church of England.

This has become known as 'The Great Ejection', an event which is seen as marking the birth of English Nonconformity and creating the religious context in which Methodism developed.

Drawing on the Library's extensive collections of archive documents, manuscripts and printed material, St Bartholomew's Day 1662 gives an account of the disputes between church and state in England which led up to the events of 1662 - including the Great Ejection itself and also looks at the legacy of this momentous event.

Free admission

The John Rylands Library

Updated: Thu, Feb 9, 2012