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You said, we did - 2012

The customer feedback for 2012 is available to download.

Main Library

You SaidOur Response

Noise in quiet and silent zones make it difficult to study.

Please alert library staff immediately so that they can deal with the situation. We are investigating the introduction of a text noise alert service.

The temperature in the Library is problematic – either too hot or too cold

The temperature in the Library is the responsibility of the Estates department and the Library has frequently liaised with them. Estates carried out a detailed survey in February 2012 to enable them to find a solution to the problem.


The standard of cleanliness of the toilets is not always satisfactory when the library is very busy.

The library has liaised with Estates to ensure that in the short term the toilets are cleaned more regularly and supplies of consumables are maintained. In the long term, further refurbishment work is planned during the summer of 2012.

There is a problem with lighting on Blue 1 and in the Muriel Stott Centre.

These matters have been reported to Estates and resolved.

There is a lack of information about the opening times of the Muriel Stott Centre.

Details of the opening hours have been placed on the door leading to the Muriel Stott Centre.

Customers using the computer study spaces in Muriel Stott Centre are often not using the computers.

Computer spaces in the Muriel Stott Centre are clearly labelled.

It is often difficult to find a laptop study space as these are being used by other customers.

We have clearly labelled the study spaces that are for laptop use.

The Library should be cleaned more often but at times which do disturb the customers.

We have liaised with the Estates department who organise the cleaning of the Library which is scheduled to take place at times which are least disturbing to our customers.

General Services

You SaidOur Response

Loan Periods


Why are some loans for such long periods?

The Library currently has a variety of loan periods for different customers but is looking at ways to simplify this process

Returning Books


Books should be returnable to any University Library.

Any books can currently be returned to our larger sites, Main, Joule, Precinct, EDL and we are looking to extend this service to our other sites.

Postgraduate Working Space


There is a lack of postgraduate working space on campus.

With the impending opening of the Learning Commons, a working group has been set up to look at the Main Library with a view to repurposing the space and these comments have been noted by the group.


It would be handy if abstracts to theses are also available online.

There are databases available online which provide this information