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You said, we did

January - May 2013

A copy of customer feedback is available to download.

You SaidOur Response

8pm closure of Main Library is too early during exam period.

We extended the opening hours at the ML until midnight during the exam period, whilst the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons is now open 24/7 throughout the year.

The change to loan periods at Stopford, making all books overnight loans, was inconvenient for students.

We consulted with the school and agreed that a range of loan periods, reactive to customer demand, would better meet student needs.

Other library customers are noisy and disruptive.

We've improved signage to remind customers of behavioural expectations.  The Textme service in the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons and the Main Library enables customers to report problems to staff. All library staffs have been asked to be proactive in dealing with problem behaviours.

There aren’t enough study /group study spaces in the library.

The new Alan Gilbert Learning Commons has 1000 individual and 30 group study spaces and other site libraries across campus are available. Long term, we're working on changes to be made to the Main Library as part of the University’s capital investment programme.

The main library is too hot/cold.

We're continuing to work with our colleagues in the Estates department to identify problem areas and resolve temperature issues.

Service restrictions over the Xmas/New Year period should have been made clear on the website.

We'll ensure that full details of services available to customers during holiday periods are clearly promoted in future.

It can be hard to find a plug for laptop charging in the main library.

New laptop zones have been provided and laptop charging units are now available on Blue Ground in the Main Library and the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons.

It can be difficult to contact library staff with an enquiry without going to a desk.

The new Library Chat service, accessible via the website or portal will answer enquiries or refer customers to the appropriate specialist team.  A Textme service and roving support are available in the Main Library and the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons. An Out of Hours service desk is available 24/7/365 for library or IT enquiries.